I am a coach, consultant and social entrepreneur. Previously spent a decade in science & research, co-designed a research institute, was a science strategist, university lecturer and founder of a social startup. I am an active mentor in various impact-oriented networks.

As coach and consultant I facilitate the development of personal wisdom through a deep engagement with purpose, meaning and transformation. Our personal and collective wisdom lies at the heart of meeting the challenges we face in our accelerated progression toward a global civilization. Its cultivation requires an integral approach merging science, applied philosophy and contemplative traditions. Openness is needed, but also scepticism and critical reasoning capacities in no small measure to avoid being misguided and confused when trying to make sense in an increasingly complex world especially at the nexus of rationality and spirituality.

With my work I hope to make a contribution to my clients’ individual life experience and the organisations they shape, as well as being part of a transformation that lifts our collective consciousness to the next level and into humanity’s future.

However, as much as attempting to make a meaningful contribution, I am also following my passion for the big questions and welcome the opportunity to go deep as a conversationalist. After all, I am still a seeker – against better knowledge – and I am grateful for the trust I receive and the ready engagement of people I encounter through my work.

I live with my wife, two kids and two tiny dogs in the middle of the Alps.

My why? Because the subtle but radical act of changing our minds is the biggest lever for positive impact.

My vision? A widespread consciousness upgrade that clears our vision from the illusion of separation and the way for co-creating our collective future.

My mission? To contribute to this transformation by helping to expand and deepen our consciousness as the basis for positive impact in the world.

Matthias Monreal

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