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Sharp thinking, open reflection, deep contemplation. Insights for conscious leaders.

I offer transformational coaching for purpose-driven leaders, inquisitive professionals and shapers of our common future.

Your impact as a professional and leader depends on your inner condition – that is your awareness, your mindset, your consciousness.
I facilitate the inner work of people who want to deepen their impact within their professional lives. By integrating applied philosophy, scientific reason and contemplative traditions we develop our personal wisdom. We move from informational to transformational learning when we complement the objective, rational understanding of the third person perspective with subjective, first person experience.
Personal wisdom is the source from which impactful organisations are built, transformed and steered. Inner work the way to develop it.

Three transformative formats

Choose from workshops, group coaching & masterminds and individual coaching


Individual coaching provides the space to reflect challenges, explore emerging possibilities and form intension for impact. A session…


Workshops are a great introduction to deepen your impact. You can choose from set programmes or get in touch for tailor made offerings from bespoke key topics


Masterminds and group coaching are powerful journeys upon which small groups of hand-picked individuals embark together. Shared experience, wisdom and intelligence of the group…

*delivery online or in person

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Key topics

For your individually designed workshop pick and choose, mix and match from these key topics

Purpose & Goals

Know why you are here and where you are headed.


Moving on from being rivals in a zero-sum game to becoming collaborators for a common future.

Culture & Mindset

Transform your culture from the inside out and level up from performance to trust.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop the psychological foundation that helps your team thrive.

Vulnerability & Fear

Discover the strength of vulnerability and the surprising utility of negative thought


Look hard enough and none can be found. Could this be the most liberating realization of your life?

Biography Work

Become who you already are.


Hold on to naïvety as super power and embrace the inner child of the entrepreneur.


That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

With his unerring, analytical and at same time warm, empathic way Matthias is the ideal coach and mentor. Without him we would not be where we are today. For anybody who wants to bring their work to the next level of impact, it is my wholehearted recommendation to work with him.
Rosa Bergmann, Founder
Vienna Hobby Lobby

Coaching with Matthias is where the magic happens.

Magic happens when you have a great Coach by your side and take the courage to face your fears and step into the boldest version of yourself. Matthias helped me to truly believe in my purpose by exploring my vision. By asking the right questions he helped me identify old limiting believes that kept me from gaining new perspectives and pursuing my goals.

Magdalena Baccarani, Co-Founder & CEO

I experienced Matthias as a coach who dedicates himself to his work with an incredible presence. With his inputs and thoughts he not only touches the brain, but also the heart. He has a subtle sensitivity for how to best support his clients in their development.

Lukas Schmied, Founder
Being coached by Matthias was a real eye opener. In a very structured way the important questions were asked at the right time, and answers developed through skillfully guided feedback. Matthias not only talks emotional intelligence, he also lives it.
Felix Gorbach
die alten jungen

Our founder teams highlight that his workshops accelerate their ventures as well as their personal development – particularly in the realm of purpose and positive impact. One always leaves Matthias’ workshops enriched in terms of knowledge, relationships and above all motivation.

Lisa Spöck, Program Manager
Alpine Tech Accelerator

Matthias asks the right questions. Were they always easy to answer? No. Did they support my growth? Oh, yes! In fact on a level that was less concerned with the next steps for my business, but rather with who I am and who I want to be.

Dagmar Cloning, Founder
As workshop leader Matthias is what I expect from a good moderator: highly prepared, structured and responsive to the participants’ needs, but also always with humorous attitude.
Michael Hagelmüller
Ashoka Austria

More background?

Listen to some super short thought pieces in which I share what came to mind about concepts I find inspiring, truthful or just puzzling.

The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener.

Bill O'Brien