Moving on from being rivals in a zero-sum game to becoming collaborators in a common future.

In a nutshell

True impact requires more than adjusting our habits and processes. We need to look at the fundamental premises of our decisions and sense of being in the world. What is the impact we really want to create with our organisations? What impact do we want to create with our life?

Why is it important?

  • Moving rapidly toward more collaboration and overcoming the game theoretical obstacles that prevent us from working for the common good reduces the existential risk we are facing as species. Yes, it’s that important.

What will you learn?

  • You will understand that positive impact is a question of consciousness & mindset first, process second
  • You will understand that this is not about hugging trees, but about reaching the next civilisational level
  • You will view the role that your professional engagement plays in a radically different way
  • You might wonder how we could have become so confused about our goals in the first place

Grow wiser

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